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What is Wellstone Pictures?

Wellstone Pictures is a group of filmmakers consisting of mainly three people. Justin, Bryan, and Jeff are the primary directors and actors for our youtube channel consisting of short films and comedies. We have developed a decent subscriber base, but we are always looking towards improvement. To do so, we are planning on investing in better equipment, better actors, and putting more time into each film we make. If you are an actor willing to work for free and would like to appear in our work, please contact us!
Our dream is to get better with every film we make, and eventually direct a feature. But as of now, all we can do is gain experience by producing films, having them critiqued by ourselves and by our fellow YouTube subscribers. Filming is our passion, and we will continue to use our creative minds to produce films whenever we possibly can.
Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you enjoy what we've done.

Contact Us


If you live in the Wake County (North Carolina) area and are interested in assisting in what we do, contact Justin at jpoliachik(at)gmail(dot)com. This could include acting, or any assistance in the production process.